5 Best WooCommerce Subscription Plugins for Recurring Sales

Adding recurring payments (subscriptions) to your online store provides a myriad of benefits, from steady cashflow to predictable income, and more loyal customers to continual feedback from subscribers. But with so many WooCommerce subscription plugins to choose from, picking the best for your eCommerce website might be quite a challenge.

5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Services & How to Pick One

Running a website is a full-time job. Besides publishing new content, you’ll also need to ensure that your site performs quickly and smoothly. Therefore, you might be looking for the best WordPress speed optimization services to help reduce your workload.

Neve 3.4 “Bran” – Customize All the Things!

In our continuing quest to make your life easier, we are here with a new update – Neve 3.4 “Bran”! This release improved the user experience and gave you more flexibility in creating your website by adding new customization controls.

Evergreen Content (Definition): What It Is and How to Create It

You might have heard of the term “evergreen,” but you’re probably wondering how it relates to your blog. A clear definition of evergreen content may help you understand this concept a little bit better. Furthermore, if you want to use this strategy, then it’s also important that you learn the basics of implementing it.

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4 Best Website Builders for Podcasts Compared

Having a website for your podcast makes it look more professional and ensures easier contact with the media, potential interviewees, and likely sponsors. But what is the best website builder for podcasts? What features does it offer? How much does it cost?

5 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Small Business Compared

Sending regular email newsletters is an effective way to increase conversions. Whether you want to promote your latest products or share valuable tips, you can write engaging emails to communicate with your followers directly. To achieve this, you’ll want to use one of the best email marketing platforms on the market.

30 Landing Page Examples From Real Brands (2022 Designs)

You often hear about the importance of landing pages for businesses. Perhaps you’ve already read some articles focusing on landing page tips or on best practices when creating them. However, this is all just a theory. A better way to get insight into what your own landing page should look like is to analyze actual landing page examples that real brands use.

WooCommerce Taxes: How They Work & How to Customize Them

If you run an online store, you’ll want to make sure your business complies with local regulations. This includes implementing the correct tax rates for your products or services. However, setting up WooCommerce taxes can seem like a daunting task.

Personal Trainer Website Builder: 4 Best Tools for Your Fitness Site

If aesthetics matter anywhere, it’s in the fitness industry. As such, you’ll need to make sure your website looks just as good as your in-person physique. The good news is that there are lots of fitness site and personal trainer website builder platforms that can help you go online with confidence.

10+ Best Blogging Platforms to Use in 2022 (Many Are Free)

Searching for the best blogging platforms to create your own blog? Whether you want to earn some money or you just want to create a hobby blog to share your thoughts with the world, there are tons of free and paid tools you can use to create your own blog effortlessly.

How to Host Multiple Websites on One Server

If you once Googled how to host multiple websites on one server but felt overwhelmed by the content you saw, you are not alone. Let’s be honest. Most people find the information on the subject complex. It’s filled with head-spinning mumbo-jumbo and elaborate steps. Surely, only a coding whizz can understand what’s being said, let alone pull it off.

20 Best Web Design Software Tools of 2022 (In 6 Categories)

Sorry to say, but there’s no definitive answer to the question of what the best web design software is. You see, the phrase “web design software” itself is a bit ambiguous. A quick Google search, for instance, will give you a range of solutions with diverse specializations.

5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites

Cloud hosting is an accessible service that offers top-of-the-line performance. Most companies have very different prices and features when it comes to cloud plans. This makes choosing the best cloud hosting provider all the more difficult.

How to Import Products to WooCommerce (The Fast and Easy Way)

Whether you’re just launching a store with WooCommerce, or you’d like to speed up the process of adding products to your current shop, it’s important to learn how to import products to WooCommerce. Not only do bulk product imports save you an incredible amount of time (rather than manually adding each item), but they’re also ideal for minimizing human errors.

5 Best Personal Website Builders (Two Are Free)

Are you looking for a website builder that’s suitable for a personal site? Maybe you won’t ever find the perfect one, but at least you can look into some of the best personal website builders that bring the most value for this purpose.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website (5 Strategies)

Increasing organic traffic is the most effective long-term strategy for growing a website or blog. Although it may take some time, search engine optimization (SEO) can provide much better returns than paid advertising, guest blogging, and almost any other online marketing tactic. The problem is, there are no shortcuts to learning how to increase organic traffic.

WordPress Author Pages: How to Make Custom Author Pages

WordPress author pages: they’re essential for website contributors to get credit for work, and publications use them to add a smiling face to their content. Author pages link from author bios (at the end/beginning of blog posts) and often display information about the contributor, their photo, and which articles they’ve written on the website.